Mentorship Program


Applications for the Inaugural Annual Mentorship Program 2019 are now closed. Check back in August 2019 for details about the 2020 program.

Irish Network Atlanta is proud to announce our Inaugural Annual Mentorship Program 2019. This personal and career guidance mentoring program is for members of the Irish/Atlanta community. Anyone interested in partnering with a local leader to gain advice, encouragement, insights into their personal and career aspirations, and to help them grow in their desired fields is encouraged to apply. The program will also serve to create a network of mentees that support a future local Atlanta/Irish Organization council.


Irish Network Atlanta is following in the footsteps of the Irish Network chapters that have been established in 20+ cities across the US, and was proud to officially launch the 20th chapter in March 2016. Its aim is to connect Irish-born and Irish Americans and those who have an interest in Ireland within the Atlanta metro and surrounding areas; to promote other Irish organizations, especially those organizations with charitable status. IN-Atlanta aims to harness the energy and talents of the Irish Diaspora in the US, and provide a forum where individuals can network, connect, foster relationships and contribute to the Irish community in areas such as Irish heritage, culture, economics, sport and charitable organizations.


This Mentorship Program is an opportunity to be partnered with some of Atlanta’s most successful leaders. Mentees will be introduced to their mentor match at the Mentorship Program launch at a breakfast during Irishfest. Mentees and mentors will meet to discuss questions either may have and to agree on a meeting approach that fits both of their schedules.  Meetings may be held throughout the year and be scheduled once a quarter. Mentees will also meet as a group with an Irish Network representative once per quarter.



  • Online applications open at the Irish Network Summer Social on Saturday, August 18th.
  • Deadline for application is Monday, October 1st.
  • 2019 Mentorship Class Induction Ceremony – Breakfast at Irishfest Saturday, October 27th
  • 2019 Mentorship Class Graduation Ceremony – Breakfast at Irishfest 2019 (date tbd)


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